For celebrations and unforgettable moments!


I am a girl of clouds and I radiate happiness and warmth! Since I am a princess of the sky, I enjoy beauty - everything must be beautiful, fluffy and light - to be able to fly in adventures, impressions and all happy moments that life gives us! The clouds have no end or beginning, just endless joy. I am friends with everyone, both big and small, and I always make sure that my friends also know how is it to be up there, in the clouds! Each gift contains a bit of my clouds and happiness!"

The mission of Karla is to create pleasant feelings, comfort, and happiness in children and their parents!    To give happiness, to receive happiness, and to wear happiness!

The clients of "Karla" are people, who value quality, comfort, beautiful and laconic design. They are the people, who believe that it is important to create an understanding of values in a child at an early age. Karla's clients enjoy life, see the beauty in the details and eagerly bring happiness to themselves and their loved ones in their daily lives.